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Take a nature hike

There are activities to enjoy at Grace Note Farm during every season.

There are trails to pursue on horseback, by bicycle, and on foot in every kind of weather. It’s gorgeous in the fall when the leaves are turning.

In winter, the trails are perfect for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and beautiful winter hikes. In the summer and spring every outdoor activity imaginable is available to you here, right outside our door.

Some of our popular activities include:

Dress up in period costumes
family activities Rhode Island boating farmstay
Hang out with family
  • cooking classes
  • massage for you and your horse
  • riding lessons
  • “outdoor¬†exploring” for family visits
  • taking the row boat out
  • treasure hunts
  • our horse swing for the kids
  • our relaxing hammock by the cottage
  • petting the animals
  • gathering chicken eggs
  • riding the pony
  • visiting the ducks and bunny
  • helping in the garden

Birding in Rhode Island

In the warm months the farm is home to numerous species of birds. The list below has been spotted in 2022

wild turkey
wood duck
mourning dove
great blue heron
turkey vulture
red-shouldered hawk
broad-winged hawk
red-bellied woodpecker
downy woodpecker
northern flicker
eastern wood pewee
alder flycatcher
eastern phoebe
great crested flycatcher
eastern kingbird
blue-headed vireo
warbling vireo
red-eyed vireo
american crow
black-capped chickadee
tufted titmouse
tree swallow
nothern rough-winged swallow
barn swallow
white-breasted nuthatch
european starling
gray catbird
eastern bluebird
hermit thrush
american robin
cedar waxwing
house sparrow
house finch
american goldfinch
chipping sparrow
song sparrow
eastern towhee
red-winged blackbird
baltimore oriole
brown-headed cowbird
common grackle
common yellowthroat
yellow warbler
chestnut-sided warbler
northern cardinal
scarlet tanager
rose-breasted grosbeak
indigo bunting